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Saving Private Rhino

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $500000.00
The “Saving Private Rhino” initiative has been established to ensure the future conservation of Africa’s rhino and wildlife heritage, by providing the most comprehensive, integrated anti-poaching solution available to every private game reserve...

Orphaned Rhino Calf

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $30000.00
Conservation teams at Aquila have been trying desperately to separate the male rhino from the calf. An attempt to coax the male away was unsuccessful, preparations were underway to dart the male when it (the male) suddenly turned on the calf. Aquila...

Eco Synergy Systems

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $20000.00
Veld Regeneration Project / Alien Vegetation Removal: Thousands of non-indigenous trees were cut down and used to build Aquila’s thatch roofs. 2,000 indigenous trees have been planted in the veld to increase the “carrying capacity” of the land....

Black Eagle Project

Collected: $0.00
Goal: $80000.00
Cape Town’s Big 5, Aquila Private Game Reserve, was created 15 years ago, and is named after the rarely-sighted Black or Verreaux’s Eagle (Aquila verreauxii). This raptor is regularly seen from a distance by eagle-eyed rangers and Aquila’s guests. As...